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New Mental Health Charity Launched

Reach IOM has been setup by local Adam Hudgeon looking to combat stigmas around the subject and provide a safe space for people to discuss what they're experiencing.

The organisation is now looking for a physical space for people to meet and talk..... Read More

'Our charity wants to kill the stigma behind mental health'

Shaking hands, a dry mouth and a heart rate soaring through the roof along with a sense of not being in control are just some of the symptoms that can overwhelm you when having a panic attack.

Linked to mental health, it’s something that is talked about more regularly in society, but actually being able to talk about your own issues ..... Read More

Local high school celebrates World Mental Health Day

A local secondary school is encouraging its students to become more aware of their mental health.

Founder of Reach IOM, Adam Hudgeon, spoke to Tia Welsh about the story behind the charity..... Read More

St Mary's support REACH

A mental health charity has received backing from a football club its founder says is close to his heart.

Adam Hudgeon, who set up REACH after struggling with his own mental health..... Read More