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Who are REACH?

Founded in 2019, REACH aims to break the stigma surrounding mental health. It started off the back of Adam posting his own story online on Social Media. At first when he was thinking about posting it he was worried he would be judged as we live on a small island and as we all know word gets around very fast.

He thought to himself if by posting this he can help one person that is in the same situation its worth it! So he opened up his home for people that want to talk over a cup of tea.

Once he did, to his amazement within seconds hundreds of people where liking and sharing the post. Within a matter of days it had been shared and liked over 2000 times, both Manx radio and BBC news contacted to cover it, he did an interview with Paul Moulton and at this point he had well over 200 private messages from people wanting to open up about there struggles!! He has sat down and spoke to well over 20 people privately to help them to talk and make there struggle just that little bit easier!

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Meet the team

Adam Hudgeon

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Adam is a father of one, who recently told his story around his battle with Mental Health. This was done via several channels including Manx Radio, GEF The Mongoose, the BBC, and Isle Of Man Newspapers.

Being a local football player, he has represented the Isle of Man under 18 team along with winning numerous honours as a player and manager in senior football. He also coaches youth football at Laxey.

Adam is the individual behind REACH and lives and breathes it’s mission statement and values.

Adam has also invited individuals to his apartment for a general chat on how they are feeling – the feedback has been incredible and has led him to start this charity.

Jonathan Leece

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Jonathan got involved having seen Adam’s social media post about his struggles with anxiety. Knowing he was setting up a charity, Jonathan brought skills Adam didn’t have to help on the incorporation and running of the company and opening of the bank account. Jonathan knew Adam from when he was a child, having played football with his father, Adam having to endure watching him hack around the field!

Jonathan has a genuine desire to help people and by supporting Adam in his endeavours can put something back into the community of the Isle of Man.

Daniel Kane

Hi, I’m Danny. I’m 25 and I’ve been working with REACH for around a year now, helping Adam in schools teaching about the importance of physical health to your mental health. We actually organised a massive 3 hour Bootcamp last summer (you can watch the after movie on our website) with all the proceeds going to REACH, and this is where my involvement in helping the charity began

I’ve been a personal Trainer for around 2 years now and am a firm believer of keeping healthy is a lot more than just having “abs”.

For me, healthy body = healthy mind, and vice versa. If your mental health isn’t in check then it’s very hard to improve your physique. And sometimes body confidence can affect mental health and mood, so it’s a vicious circle) with a not so obvious link between the two). A lot of my client progress - alongside good physical results - is a massive shift in mental health and mindset and this is something that gives me great pleasure and motivation.
My aim this year is to visit all schools on the Isle of Man and teach about the importance of staying active, and also offer an ear to anyone that needs my help.

I’m very excited to see where this REACH journey takes me.

Debbie Gordon

I’m a 53 year old mum of a lovely young lady. I have seen and experienced first hand the way mental health affects people and families. There is a stigma around the whole mental health and wellness issue, and it’s one I want to help break. REACH IOM literally does what it says and reaches out to those that need help, those that fall through the cracks. That’s why I signed up, to help them spread the word!

No-one is untouchable, it can hit us all at anytime in our lives and Adam and his support team are here to bridge the gap. Whether in schools, companies or with private individuals REACH is here for you.

Erica Belhouse

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Erica is involved in a number of charities and sporting organisations on the Isle of Man but Reach is particularly close her heart having lost her husband to suicide in 2018. Determined to use her experience to help others and having met Adam in early 2019 Reach seemed the perfect charity to become involved with.

Erica is a qualified accountant and acts as treasurer to the charity. She has two very active children who both have benefited from the work that Reach is doing in the islands secondary schools.