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Mission Statement

"To create a relaxed, living-room style atmosphere where individuals of any age can visit when feeling either Anxious or Depressed and ‘reach out’ to relate to individuals who have experienced similar situations”

Welcome to REACH

The Idea Behind Reach...

  • At Reach we are not professionals in white coats. We are not therapists who charge by the hour. We are not the voice inside your head. We are simply your friend!
  • As the first charity of its nature on the Isle of Man our mission is a when you’re ready we are here. Be the friend to reach out to who has experienced what you’re feeling. We are here to relate to you and are willing to do anything within our power to help. 
  • Each person involved has been touched by or have had first hand experience with anxiety and depression.
  • GPs aren’t always the answer. We know it takes time and knowing that you’re not alone is key to getting out of that dark place.
  • Reach out to someone you know who is suffering to get through it together. By knowing you’re not alone it makes you feel you can talk about it and overcome it together, easing the pain and quelling the process of overthinking. 
Question Mark Idea

Why is mental health on the Isle of so important?

1 in 3 individuals suffer with Mental Health or know someone who is suffering

1 in 6 people will suffer at any given moment

Mental health illness contributes to almost half of all illness in people under the age of 65

In 2007 the means suicide rate in the isle of man was 8.5 in every 100,000 people by the end of 2017 its risen to 10 in 100,000 people

What happens when you REACH out


Indivdual contacts REACH via our website or social media platform


One of our volunteers will speak to the indvidual and talk about what they are going through. Once the individual is comfortable enough a meeting will be arranged.


Whether it be at home, a public place or the REACH premises. One of our volunteers will meet with the individual to talk about what they're going through and allow the person to vent and have a trusted person to listen.


If the individual felt that they benefited from a chat with one of our volunteers, ongoing 60 minute sessions can be arranged to help the person over come what they're going through.

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Watch a video of Adam talk about what he went through